This week we’ll get right to the point:

Tip 7- Leave your cellphone out of your bedroom when you go to sleep

This is not an all or nothing tip. There maybe a time when you need your phone by your bed- in an emergency or waiting for a birth, for example. In general, however, most of the reasons I’ve heard for bringing you phone to bed suck, literallly. I think they suck away the precious sleep time and restorative space that’s so needed in this crazy life. We need time to unplug, to be free of evertything that comes along with cellphones, from being engaged with others to being exposed to harmful radiation.

You don’t need to use your cellphone as an alarm. Most of us really don’t need to check email upon waking, or awaken to the sound of someone calling us.  Leave your phone in another room and you can get to it after you get out of bed.

Unplug from your cell and in very subtle ways you will give your self space to unplug from external stimulation. Try it for a week and let me know how it goes.

selfreikiMy name is Kim Fleisher and I’m the director of The Reiki School + Clinic and I have a scholarly geek brain that is intensely organized and learning-driven. I’m a teacher at heart and that’s why our Reiki classes are so long – because real learning takes place over time, by DOING.

I’m going to give you one tip a week with the invitation to try it for a week and let me know if it helps! Feel free to share any tweaks you make to the process (making it your own helps seal the deal of learning/integrating any new skill), or share your own tips for staying healthy (the ability to explain what you know is a key step to mastery). Email me directly at or post your feedback/tips as a comment here.