Last week I offered the 2nd of my 8 tips for staying peaceful in the chaos of work and life. This week’s tip is a rule in my house. I can tell you, it works wonders for avoiding fights, sleeping better, and generally having a better end of every day. If you are on an alternative schedule like my amazing niece who works the night shift (shout out if you’re reading, Marlee!), you might have to alter the timing a little to fit your schedule:

Tip #3 – No Logistics After 10pm

My refrigerater

My refrigerator

This is a plain and simple rule – after 10pm don’t talk about anything important having to do with fixing household problems, arranging schedules, or figuring things out. The rule is posted on our refrigerator as a reminder. It’s important to have a cutoff time where you agree to stop working, because even though household logistics don’t pay your bills, they do stimulate the same kind of busy space in your noggin. Before bed you want the opposite effect- you want to engage in activities that are calming, nourishing, or peaceful before you drift off to sleep. If something comes up that you need to discuss and don’t want to forget, keep a notepad handy to write things down to talk about the next day.

When I forget this rule, my partner reminds me. Upholding this tip has rescued us from various arguments, regrettable decisions made from a too-tired place, and jaunts down rabbit holes of lengthy technical discussions. When we’ve stopped to apply the rule, we’ve taken our focus off of logistics and brought it back to things far more pleasant, like sleep, making love, reading to each-other, or making delicious popcorn with nutritional yeast (now that I live in West Philly I have a never ending supply of nutritional yeast). Let me know what you think.

selfreikiMy name is Kim Fleisher and I’m the director of The Reiki School + Clinic and I have a scholarly geek brain that is intensely organized and learning-driven. I’m a teacher at heart and that’s why our Reiki classes are so long – because real learning takes place over time, by DOING.

I’m going to give you one tip a week with the invitation to try it for a week and let me know if it helps! Feel free to share any tweaks you make to the process (making it your own helps seal the deal of learning/integrating any new skill), or share your own tips for staying healthy (the ability to explain what you know is a key step to mastery). Email me directly at or post your feedback/tips as a comment here.