We live in a fast-paced, technology-laden time where there is constant pressure to do more and more and more and more. People often ask me, “How do you get so much done and stay so peaceful and calm?” I’m certainly not perfect, but I’ve cultivated a few essential guidelines that I follow that help keep me feeling sane and happy. I’d like to share them with you because if they can help you do the same, then hey, what else really matters?

Tip #1 When you’re down, look up

When You're Feeling Down, Look UP

When You’re Feeling Down, Look UP

I figured out a long time ago that being outside made me feel better. Taking a 20 minute break from an intense workday to walk to the store and back felt amazing. But I realized quickly that the benefit didn’t come from buying an unnecessary snack, it came from getting outside. I learned mindful walking from some Buddhist monastics at Blue Cliff Monastery, one of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s practice centers in upstate NY. Learning to walk slowly, I noticed more of my surroundings. I learned that if ever I’m feeling down, depressed, or deflated, I just have to look up. As my gaze lifts I literally lift my spirits. Seeing the birds, tree tops, and sky is priceless. Works every time.

selfreikiMy name is Kim Fleisher and I’m the director of The Reiki School + Clinic and I have a scholarly geek brain that is intensely organized and learning-driven. I’m a teacher at heart and that’s why our Reiki classes are so long – because real learning takes place over time, by DOING.

I’m going to give you one tip a week with the invitation to try it for a week and let me know if it helps! Feel free to share any tweaks you make to the process (making it your own helps seal the deal of learning/integrating any new skill), or share your own tips for staying healthy (the ability to explain what you know is a key step to mastery). Email me directly at kim@thereikischool.com or post your feedback/tips as a comment here.