Dreams come up a lot at the Reiki school. Staff reflections on our nightly adventures is a common topic of conversation around the water cooler.  Many new Reiki students experience an increase in the vividness of their dreams and their ability to remember them. Because of this interest in dreaming, we asked Reiki school grad Jeremy Schlosberg to offer a Dream Analysis Group.  Excting! Here’s what Jeremy had to say:

Dream expert Jeremy Taylor believes that our nightly dreams are one of life’s most precious and undervalued gifts. I agree with him on both counts: I believe our dreams are full of potentially valuable insights, and yet are routinely overlooked by the vast majority of 21st-century sleepers.

My name is Jeremy Schlosberg and I will be facilitating the weekly Dream Analysis Group at the Reiki School this fall with the specific intent of helping all who participate, including me, to gain a deeper understanding of the odd scenarios and often nonsensical storylines that come to us each night as we sleep. This greater understanding arises precisely because of our decision to come together as a group and share our dreams openly and without judgment; working on dreams within an established group of interested others is one of the best ways there is to explore the many layers of meaning that dreams typically have. While it’s only the dreamer who can determine a dream’s true meaning or meanings, listening to the intuitive insights of others can lead to “aha” moments that one would not arrive at on one’s own.

The Weekly Dream Analysis Group, which will meet on six Tuesday evenings at the Reiki School from Oct 15 through Nov 19th. The group will be relatively small—no fewer than six people and no more than eight—and is enabled by a facilitator, not led by an expert. I have been keeping dream journals for 30 years,  have read extensively about dreams, and have discussed them regularly with friends and family, but I do not have any professional training.

Each meeting will unfold according to the same agenda, as delineated in Taylor’s book Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill. The evening begins with a group check-in and a centering exercise. After that, every member of the group will have a chance to share one or two dreams from the previous week, without group commentary. Then it will be time for an intensive look at one particular dream, which the group will explore together with the dreamer, asking questions and offering suggested meanings as insights occur to everyone. Each meeting will close with a repeat of the centering exercise.

It is so important that each member receives equal amounts of group attention that a timer will be employed to assure that the group’s time is divided fairly. Before signing up for the group, please be sure you are okay with a group that requires timed sharing. Also, be aware that the contents of each meeting are confidential, not to be shared with anyone outside of the meeting space.

The investment for the six-week group is $88 per person. If you have any further questions about the Dream Analysis Group, please email me at jeremy.schlosberg@gmail.com.