Alexandra DiFilippo

When I was in school, I remember being very strategic about where I would sit in class. I was young, and school was about surviving the day rather than actually learning something. Typically, I would get a spot that both gave me a view out of the window and was out of direct sight of the teacher. This gave me what I needed to space out for the next 40 minutes or so. Predictably, I received an ADD diagnosis and the following note on so many report cards “She has so much potential. If she just applied herself…”

I can see this part of myself in so many people that I have worked with. I’ve witnessed intelligent and talented people with a rich inner world feel like they just don’t thrive in the outer world. We have a sense of purpose, a contribution to make, but the steps elude us. We are busy keeping up with the day to day, constantly playing catch up. How can you create a project when you spend thirty minutes looking for keys, or wasting an entire day so overwhelmed with a to-do list seemingly so impossible to prioritize, that nothing gets done? Life keeps moving with or without us. This is almost tragic to witness, seeing incredible gifts just waiting in the wings, dreams waiting to be real, but never coming to the forefront, or strong enough to survive the harshness of life. This obstacle within us may be moved, however, with understanding grounding.

When I began to actively utilize my intuition, I viewed groundedness negatively. I thought it meant giving into materialism, or denying my creative and intuitive nature. What I learned, however, is that it is the key to making the abstract tangible. Grounding is connecting with the world around you in a way that not only supports us, but gives life to our dreams and purpose. It strengthens the intuition that we all have to make good supportive choices for ourselves.

I am grateful that I was able to flip my perspective and transform my greatest challenge into my greatest teacher. There are always new lessons to learn, but this time, I’m paying attention, and I’m listening. What desires do want to make real? What is the first step in making them a reality?

Alexandra DiFilippo teaches Intuitive Development at The Reiki School + Clinic. Registration is now open for “Intro to Intuitive Development: Grounding & Boundaries