Let’s Make Time For A Reiki Brakey

by Reiki School founder Kim Fleisher

Reiki has been the biggest part of my adult life, from the age of 19 when I took my first class, through founding and developing The Reiki School and Clinic over 15+ years, to transitioning the school to it’s current crew of awesome leaders. It’s amazing to look back and see how we’ve all grown.

I founded the school because I craved Reiki community. One of the most satisfying parts of the practice is sharing it, and I’ve always loved spending time discussing and experiencing the practice with others on the path. It’s invaluable to talk to, learn from, practice with, and be inspired by other Reiki practitioners and teachers. A day of Reiki retreat feels like heaven to my heart. It’s so important for me to take time every once in awhile from the busyness of life and dive deep into a day of mindful sharing with other Reiki peeps.

The Reiki School and Clinic is also where I met my wife Sophia. As a fellow Reiki Master, we’ve learned so much from each other. Sophia’s helped me expand my ability to integrate Reiki with intuitive practice, and one of the things we’ve been doing together (and LOVING) is singing during sessions. We’ve done it one on one with clients and also in big group healing sessions where multiple practitioners offer treatment and sing together to the clients. SINGING TOGETHER DURING SESSIONS IS MAGICAL!!!! So when the opportunity came for us to spend the month of August back in Philly (we currently live in Taos, NM), it seemed like a no-brainer to offer a Reiki retreat where we can also do a group healing Reiki singing session for you! We can’t wait to sing to you!!!!! We can’t wait to share Reiki with you! We can’t wait to hear about your practice, talk about all the things on your heart, learn new things, and spend quality time together. We are excited for old and new Reiki School friends to come together in a day of practice!

There’s nothing we’d like more….
I hope many of you will be able to join us!

Here’s a little clip from one of our singing sessions:

Here are the details for the retreat day:
Saturday, August 20th, 10am-4pm
at The Reiki School and Clinic
Bring a brown bag lunch
Register Here:

Wishing you a sweet end of summer.