Ashley Searles is a guest blogger writing about her experience of mediumship, and will be hosting a seminar on how Reiki brought her into the world of mediumship.

What is Mediumship?

A medium is the intermediary, the person, place or thing in between two different materials. The medium is the receiver of one energy, the translator and the giver of the energy. A medium is a person who receives Divine Light, or Source energy, and then passes that energy through themselves to another source. There are different kinds of mediumship: healing mediumship and message mediumship.

What is healing mediumship? Energy work, crystal healing, shamanism and medical intuitive work are all examples of healing mediumship. In short, healing mediumship is energy healing of all kinds. In all of these modalities, the healing medium channels the Divine Light or Source energy through themselves and out into their clients. The energy work practitioner acts as a channel for the light energy, passing it through themselves and out into another person or client. A message medium channels the Divine Light energy through their crown chakra and out through their throat chakra, or voice. The difference between message mediumship and healing mediumship is simply how the energy is channeled through the practitioner, or medium.

The type of mediumship I practice is Spiritual, or message mediumship, which means I connect with, communicate with and translate for Spirits. I then give the messages and information I receive from Spirit to the intended recipients – my clients. As a Spiritual medium, I can feel, hear and see those who reside in the Spirit realm known as Angels, Spirit Guides and Deceased Loved Ones. How is this possible? Where are these Spirits? They’re here with us. The Spirit realm is not some far away place; it is here surrounding us, only in a different energetic vibration. As you probably already know, there is more to our reality than meets our physical senses; there is more to our world than what we can touch and physically account for. We can compare the unseen Spirit realm to the spectrum of light waves. There is a hugely wide range of light waves, but the portion of that range that is that is actually visible to the human eye is only a fraction of that entire spectrum. This is the same with how the energy of Spirit works. Spirit energy exists at a higher vibration than our physical senses are accustomed to perceiving. Just because those light waves at the farther ends of the spectrum are difficult or impossible for us to see, it doesn’t mean these waves don’t exist. A deceased person’s energy still exists; it has simply changed its form through the death process. This is just basic physics: energy cannot be created or destroyed it only changes form. The human soul is energy and when it leaves the physical body it does not disappear, as that would be impossible. The energy merely shifts form into a different state or vibration.

How Spiritual Mediumship Works
In a live mediumship reading I invite those Spirits unique to my client- their Angels, Spirit Guides and Deceased Loved Ones, friends and family to connect with me and pass on messages. I then invite my client into this link so me, my client, and Spirit all are in the same time and place together. Then Spirit pretty much does the rest! My job as a medium is to be the voice for Spirit-I put aside my own feelings, thoughts, expectations and judgments and I work to bring through the information given to me by Spirit as clearly and honestly as I can. Basically, I work as a translator, although sometimes it can feel like I’m playing the game Pictionary or charades, as Spirit can be pretty creative with how they present information!

In a reading, you can expect to receive information relevant to past, present or even future trajectories of your life path from your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones. The intention in a reading is to bring through that information that serves the client’s Highest and Greatest good at this time. This means everything that Spirit has to say is relevant in some way to your life situation right now, although sometimes it can take some processing before it all makes sense! Readings are all unique. No two readings are ever alike. I am always surprised, touched and in awe of what comes through for my clients. In sessions I have witnessed profound reconnections and healing between generations in families. Readings are avenues for profound personal Spiritual and emotional growth. Connecting with Spirit is a powerful and sacred experience. As a medium I am honored and grateful to be the connecting link between my clients and those in spirit who, watch over, love and care for them.

If you have never had a mediumship reading, consider opening your heart to see what Spirit has to say to you.

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