cricket By Alexandra DiFilippo

When folks new to the school gently climb the stairs, they will smile, say hello, and often comment how much they love the space. Their eyes will dart around at the different items and works of art. They will settle on this handsome guy and ask “what’s the deal with the cricket?” Well, like so many things within these walls there is a very sweet story, so I will sit back in my chair and tell it:

Almost a year ago, Stephanie Palmer, Danica Arizola and myself anxiously and excitedly took a great big breath and lept into running the Reiki School + Clinic. There were lots of late night texts and phone calls, scrambling, figuring, freaking but then breathing, trusting & dreaming. We had some big shoes to fill and were a little wobbly on our feet as we prepared to fill them. Laurie had been with the school and had seen a lot of the development over the years, so she was a great support for me while moving into this new and thrilling time.

As with all big decisions, there is the occasional second, third, & fourth thoughts… “Can I handle this? What am I doing? What am I thinking? Am I crazy?” As I was having those thoughts, I called my dear friend Laurie so that she could say all the right things (which she did)! I was pacing dramatically in my bedroom with the window open to allow for some fresh air, when suddenly a cricket so massive lept onto one of the pictures on my wall. I, of course, screamed and dropped the phone. I very compassionately moved this fellow back outside, and before I finished my call, Laurie suggested I look up the signifigance.

According to

“It is a sign of extreme good luck. All the things that you have been working toward and dreaming about are now possible. Stay open to guidance and cosmic messages and you will know exactly what you have to do. Whether its buying a lottery ticket, interviewing for a new job, or being in the right place at the right time. All things are possible right now – all you have to do is feel that you deserve it!”

I was then gifted with the fellow you see in our office as a constant reminder of all things possible! While I have always felt drawn to animals, only then did I make a habit of really witnessing to their lessons and heading their wisdom. Our cricket on a magic carpet will be more prominantly displayed at our upcoming “Animal Spirit” art opening, on August 28.

To submit artwork for the show, please email for details. We will be celebrating 4th Friday on Fabric Row, and kicking off our grand re-opening weekend, which is as close as we can get to our own magic carpet ride!