Christel Alberez is a Reiki School graduate, healer and Crystal Resonance Therapist.
In today’s post she shares some wisdom on stones, how to use them for healing and how to keep them in tip-top condition…

Enter Christel:
There a many different methods one can use to clear a stone however, one of the most powerful, quick, and effective ways is through sound. Stones naturally vibrate with their base resonate frequency or what they resonate at when they are in the Earth. More often than not you are moving into resonance with a stone more than a stone is moving into resonance with you. It is more difficult to move a stone out of its base frequency than one would think. However, clearing is an important process especially when you acquire a new stone, or if you experience something intense while resonating with a stone or to clear programming work you may have done with it. A great practice to utilize when clearing a stone is toning. In toning you are creating loud sound with your voice like if you were to “OM” out loud. The only difference is you first use intention (to clear or cleanse) and then let any sound come out of your mouth to represent the frequency of your intention. As a result of bathing your stone in sound, it jolts it back into its base frequency. One of the amazing byproducts of toning to clear a stone is at the same time you are also clearing your own body and energy field as well as the space you are in. Sound can be very powerful ally as it can literally shatter glass. Think of the amazing potential in it to help us clear and heal! It’s a great tool to quickly get your stones and yourself back in alignment!

Preparing to clear blue tourmaline
Tips for toning to clear a stone:
• Hold the stone in your hand in close proximity to your mouth
• Align with the intention to clear or cleanse
• Allow any sound to come out of you to represent that frequency of intention. Don’t be shy! It doesn’t have to sound beautiful!
• Broadcast that sound powerfully in amplitude
• Repeat the toning process at least three or more times or until it feels complete

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