Movie Night at The Reiki School - "The Secret"

July 26, 2019 - 06:30 AM / 09:30 AM The Reiki School + Clinic, The Ellington Building, 1500 Chestnut Street, Lower Level, Philadelphia, PA Center City / Philadelphia

Remember when you were a kid and your friend would say “I have something to tell you, I have a secret”? Remember how excited you felt to be a part of such a “members only” club, this club of exclusivity?
Why did being on the receiving end of a secret bring so much joy and excitement? Could it be that it produced feelings only privilege and high esteem could bring, feelings of worthiness, gratitude, pride? Worthiness for being “chosen”, gratitude for receiving such privileged information, and pride to have such distinction amongst our peers.
This is how (The Secret) has been treated for many millennia, held in high regard, treated as privileged, and revered for its propensity. Although anyone can know it, not everyone will heed its supreme being, its supreme law....the Law of Attraction.
We welcome you to join us for our monthly Movie Night & Discussion at The Reiki School & Clinic. Come bee ? in good company, enjoy discussion with people in your community about the material showcased in the movie, and delight in some refreshing snacks.