Let’s Make Time for a Reiki Brakey

Let’s Make Time For A Reiki Brakey

by Reiki School founder Kim Fleisher

Reiki has been the biggest part of my cialis dose recommandee adult life, from the age of 19 when I took my first class, through [...]

On Gratitude and Grounding

Note: Blogs reflect the ideas of the author and not of the Reiki School + Clinic

On Gratitude and Grounding
By Alexandra DiFilippo

The path of Reiki is a winding and profound one for most people. It can lead us to [...]

Sound Healing in the Heart of the City & Sound Healing Tools for a Peaceful Heart

Sound Healing Ceremony In the Heart of the City & 2 DIY Sound Healing Tools For A Peaceful Heart

In the 20th Century Gong Baths may become [...]

The Big Leap

By Alexandra DiFilippo

When folks new to the school gently climb the stairs, they will smile, say hello, and often comment how much they love the space. Their eyes will dart around at the different items and works of art. [...]

Artist’s Perspective on Reiki Practice with Laurie Elder

The Reiki School + Clinic is really excited to be partnering up with Healing Arts Studio in Chestnut Hill to bring you “Reiki 1 for Artists” taught by Laurie Elder. On a sultry Summer day, [...]

An Ideal Therapy to Come Back to Yourself

Boost Immunity, reduce stress, relieve pain…

Shiatsu: It Does A Body Good

I have been practicing Shiatsu for a few years now and am constantly amazed by the benefits and results I see in my clients [...]

Learning to Live Again

Emilie Kress, RM

How Reiki changed my life, reignited my soul’s desire and helped me to find purpose and meaning.

My story isn’t uncommon; I had a breakdown, a pivotal moment in my life where I [...]


Francesca Zelnick
Philadelphia Writer

It takes a hell of a lot of courage to go for what you want in this world, to work toward your own happiness. It requires more bravery and strength and conviction than you probably think that you [...]

The Greatest Challenge of the Ungrounded Life

Alexandra DiFilippo

When I was in school, I remember being very strategic about where I would sit in class. I was young, and school was about surviving the day rather than actually learning something. Typically, I [...]

Understanding Your Chakras

By: Alexandra DiFIlippo

How do you engage with the world?

Our modern society with its long work hours and stressful lifestyle has pushed many to seek some respite, peace, and wellness. At some point, the soul gets restless and seeks expansion and connection. [...]