The Vibe At Our Hive

  • A sense of peacefulness, balance, harmony, and gratitude
  • Feeling welcomed, cared for, accepted and valued
  • Sensitivity, community, inclusivity
  • A sense of settling into yourself
  • An incredibly varied mix of people of different ages, classes, traditions, colors, shapes, sizes and orientations.
  • An upbeat and energetic environment
  • A safe, welcoming, comforting and loving place to experience “aha” moments and tremendous growth

The Pollination Station

Sound Healing in the Heart of the City & Sound Healing Tools for a Peaceful Heart

IMG_2625Sound Healing Ceremony In the Heart of the City & 2 DIY Sound Healing Tools For A Peaceful Heart

In the 20th Century [...]

The Buzz!

“I liked the lightness and simplicity of the classes. I felt welcome and comfortable from the beginning.[The] Class structure was almost perfect.”
Kathryn Solinsky, Student
“I am so thrilled to say that at my Rheumatologist’s visit this week, she can find NO objective signs of my autoimmune illness. The bloodwork, which has been abnormal for years, is completely normal, and I have not had any symptoms of my illness since the beginning of Reiki {classes}. I have been cleared to stop my medications. It is so absolutely awesome!!! It never occurred to me during Reiki class that this would occur as a “side affect” of my learning and experiencing Reiki, as I was so caught up in learning Reiki and focused on the spiritual and emotional changes occurring within in. Thank you very much for all of your instruction, support, guidance and love in learning.”
Michelle Fiolkowski, Student
“I must say: YOU ARE MY KIND OF TEACHER! I can imagine how much more depth and support you can give in a three month period.”
Marge Lyles, Reiki Master/Author of Reiki And You: Awakening The Healer Within
“I didn’t know what to expect when I enrolled in the class, but it was one of the best choices I made for my life! The space itself is full of truly amazing, warm, enveloping energy that immediately put me at ease. The class was a nice mixture of lecture/lesson, discussion and hands-on work.”
Laura Pritchard, Reiki I student
“Thank you for opening the school!! Thank you for bringing Reiki to HUP!! Thank you for your gentle kindness and the beautiful community you have created!! Every person I meet through the Reiki School is so beautiful and loving!! Thank you for teaching me with Reiki how to save my life!!! I LOVE THE COMMUNITY OF WE!!!!”
Mary Ellen Bogacki, Dept. of Neurosugery, Clinical Care Coordinator/OR Scheduler, Penn Medicine
“Reiki helped put me in a space where my healing could occur. Traditional medicine assured me orthopedic surgery was needed. Reiki provided the healing energy to prove them wrong. For me, Reiki is a dose of real, lasting energy that heals and relaxes on its own or as a solid and valid partner with traditional medicine.”
Greg Caputo, Megaforce Records/MRI Distribution
“Reiki has been life changing for me. I am more focused at work with co-workers, and with friends and family. It has centered me (more).
I sleep better which helps me deal with each day no matter what comes. I’m learning how to use my Reiki practice in my daily life, not only practicing reiki on myself, but giving it to others. Some of my co-workers are less stressed. Family members are excited, as they feel the positive affects with pain or minor discomfort. Reiki has me in the moment and very much on purpose.”
Arlene McCollugh, 11th Street Drexel Health Clinic
“Reiki was a BIG part of my pregnancy as well as yoga and meditation. Reiki helped me remain calm and peaceful and very present during the pregnancy. Jai’s a very pleasant little boy and I get compliments all the time on his behavior. I swear it’s partly to do with the environment I maintained during my pregnancy.”
Mia Bostic, Yoga Instructor
“I loved this Reiki class! I learned more about myself in this class than I have in…well…years of trying on my own. I learned new tools, figured out what I need to work on and how to bring it into my Reiki practice!”
“This school has been a sanctuary of peace and love and groundedness…and I treasure it”
“I was looking for a positive growth experience and I got one for sure. The Reiki School is such a wonderful environment. I learned a great deal and I’m much more self confident about practicing on others now.”
“I had a really great time with Reiki I. I have noticed that I have increased concentration, an increased energy level, and I am just happier. I have a lot more patience as well. I am slowly changing my life … it’s great. I definitely am planning on taking Reiki II.”
“I love the whole atmosphere… Even if I had a rotten day, as soon as I would walk through the door I would start to relax. This place is a safe haven for me! Thanks.”
“Over the years the Reiki School has been my safe haven and my home away from home. I can’t even imagine the number of lives that have been touched by you. I am forever grateful for showing me the Reiki way and giving me the confidence needed to help others. “