Wow! January has flown by! The Reiki School + Clinic is excitedly preparing for a move down the street to fabric row (727 South 4th Street, 2nd floor), as well as a new semester of classes. The city is enveloped in a thick coating of snow. Everything seems pure and crisp. People have been having a lot of fun playing and connecting with one another. Kids love the time off from school. Of course, it also presents challenges for us in our everyday activities. I hope you are staying warm and safe in this winter wonderland.

As winter progresses everything is moving slower. Nature has given us a little more to handle than most of us are used to, but we can still take time to review the past year and envision any goals for the year ahead.  Some of us have made resolutions for change, and personally, I really enjoy this atmosphere of renewal and reflection. Reiki has been an amazing aid in the process. Practicing helps me connect to my inner self. Sometimes during a treatment, I receive a vision or gentle suggestion for healing in some form. I am so blessed to have it with me wherever I go and for whatever I encounter there. If you have a practice as well, I employ you to take this time to look deeply within and embrace your own inner knowing. Reiki has been able to help so many within our community.

At the school we have utilized our Reiki practice, along with other tools, to help us plan our move to a new home. Everything from the ground up was given loving attention and thought.  A long while ago our staff made a group vision board of words and images we hoped to manifest in our new location. We practiced Reiki on ourselves and offered it to our future home. Eventually we found a new space and it is perfect! During the renovations we went to   the space and practiced Reiki there, offering the balancing vibrations to the building.

Cleansing the space with Reiki helped a lot. I hope the contractors enjoyed the good vibes. Now we are preparing to pack our things, paint with care and organize the space. Although the move-in date is almost here, we will take our time. We want the transition to be as smooth and gentle as Reiki practice itself. Isn’t that an amazing attribute of the practice? It’s so, so gentle. It never pushes us or snaps things back into place. Rather, it gives us support and guidance for our greatest healing good. I love that.  Although our move was delayed, and we had to change our schedule, the transition will not affect our classes beginning or our availability for clients. Everything is working out and we are staying flexible. Our Reiki practice has helped us remain calm and balanced.

We can use assistance filling our new home with love. Please join us in celebrating at our grand opening on the spring equinox, March 20th!

We also have a registry ( if you wish to donate a needed item.

– By Terence Newkumet, RMT, Instructor at The Reiki School + Clinic