Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Illuminate the elusive forces and energetic dynamics at work or play in your life. We all need a little extra guidance sometimes!

Readings are available by appointment in Philadelphia and can be in person or over the phone for your convenience.

Medical Intuitive Readings
Our health is affected by imbalances we may be creating and our body’s own attempt to balance them. Medical Intuitive Readings are non-diagnostic views of these imbalances that occur both physically and within our energetic systems. Receive specific guidance on correcting these imbalances including dietary suggestions, movements, meditations and visualizations specific to your needs.

  • $125/hour
  • Animal Readings
    Our furry friends are very effective communicators and have their own needs! Receive guidance about their health, or behavior

  • $2/minute
  • Life Guidance
    Readings given are readings for the moment, and often reflect anything that is coming up for you in that moment. This can include relationships, career, health, past lives, guides, personal intuitive experiences, dreams and more.

  • $125/ hour in person

10% discount for seniors