Health Counseling

Health Couseling

Centered in Nourishment through Digestive Health and Self-Care

The health of the digestive tract affects the health of your entire body. Food absorption starts here, and the health of your gut dictates what nutrients get absorbed and what doesn’t. The digestive tract is also home to our inner ecosystem, which is often times completely out of balance leading to indigestion, bloating, blood sugar imbalances, mental disorders, and auto-immune disorders. The health of the gut is truly the Fountain of Youth and Wellness! Heal your gut, and the rest will follow.

Clients with complex health issues are guided to heal the relationship with their bodies and improving overall health by optimizing digestion.

    They Learn to:

  • Trust and listen to their bodies through developed intuition
  • Create a more balanced lifestyle
  • Be more confidant in their food choices
  • Learn proper cleansing and food combining techniques
  • Discover a probiotic diet
  • Understand and move through any fear of food
  • Feel comfortable giving a voice to the emotions and thoughts that are sabotaging a balanced lifestyle.

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve?

  • Initial 20 minute consults are free!
  • Private Counseling
    Private Counseling can occur in person or over the phone with online support in between. Private counseling is ideal for those that are not getting the personal attention needed in their daily life dedicated to their health and well being. Clients most appreciate the safe space they have to explore the connection of their daily life to the health of their bodies. Includes private counseling sessions, handouts, online counseling, personalized protocols and meal strategies. Private counseling options are four(4) 30 minute sessions OR two(2) 1 hour sessions.

  • $227/ month
  • Group Counseling & Cleanses
    Check our events page for upcoming programs!

    Personalized Cleanse
    Cleansing is a fundamental step in reclaiming one’s gut health. We speak over the course of an hour to determine the cleansing strategies suited to your needs. Follow up includes a complete cleanse protocol, recipes, lifestyle practices and personal suggestions. Cleanses are designed to support your body’s natural process, not to deprive. You will also receive online counseling for any questions and emotional support you need through the process.

  • 10 day cleanse: $125
    • 10% discount for seniors
      Go at your own pace, set your own goals and meet them with the support and guidance you need to get there.