Janice giving a Reiki session to a client at PAWS

Janice giving a Reiki session to a client at Street Tails

It has been eight years since Janice Walker and her fiance Greg were removed from a crashed taxi by medics using the jaws-of-life.

Janice Walker, PHD was a post-doc at the start of her career when she and her fiance experienced a near fatal taxi crash that changed their lives forever. After sustaining multiple broken bones and other incapacitating injuries that forced them to move home with their parents, a surgeon at the Rothman Institute told Greg, her husband-to-be that his broken neck was not healing, and that he would require cervical spinal surgery. On top of that, the surgery would leave him walking down the aisle wearing a halo, a neck and head stabilizing contraption that makes you look something like a mix between Frankenstein and a robot.

A scientist by training, Janice seemed like an unlikely candidate for Reiki. Desperate to avoid surgery, Greg reluctantly tried a series of Reiki sessions that helped him heal completely, rendering the surgery unnecessary. Impressed by the results and wanting to understand more, Janice went on to learn how to practice Reiki and eventually become a Reiki teacher.

Listen as Janice recounts how she and her husband came to Reiki and paved the way for bringing this healing practice to Philly’s most abandoned animals in the shelter system:

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