Reiki 4 Master Teacher Training.

Reiki 4 Training

“I see, I forget. I hear, I remember. I do, I understand.” – Chinese Proverb

Have you ever met an expert who could not effectively teach? An instructor who was good at what they did but couldn’t help you learn it? If so you’ve experienced the difference between a practitioner and a teacher, and we want you to be a good teacher. Reiki Masters, Sharon Edelman and Laurie Elder, will help you become a true teacher, a guide who can help others find their own way with the practice.

“To be a great teacher we need to learn to be not a sage on the stage, but a guide on the side.” -Author unknown

You cannot become a Reiki Master by reading a book or sitting in a lecture. In this course we focus on a combination of in-class instruction, teaching apprenticeship with members of The Reiki School + Clinic staff and student teaching. The course is some serious stuff; but, don’t worry, we never take ourselves too seriously (that’s part of the trick!). This course lasts at least one year (depending on the students) and includes:

  • Learning to give attunements/initiations

  • Receiving the master symbol

  • Developing your own syllabi and content for Reiki I and Reiki II

  • Developing and presenting introductions to Reiki presentations

  • Hosting Reiki events where you are given the opportunity to lead

  • Studying different learning styles, teaching techniques and Reiki materials

  • Role Playing

  • Business Development/Assistance

  • Reiki History

  • Apprenticing a Reiki I and/or Reiki II Course

  • Teaching a full semester of Reiki level 1 (and sometimes Reiki Level 2) training

  • Requirements outside of class for giving Reiki to yourself and others, as well as receiving Reiki from others

  • Opportunities for guided development and implementation of Reiki classes, workshops, events or lectures for special interest groups of your choosing

A huge step of mastery is to teach another. We’ll focus specifically on cultivating the art of teaching Reiki along with the abilities and skills needed to guide others in their development of this sacred and personal practice.

  • Investment: $4000. $300 deposit to hold your space in class.
  • Prerequisite: The Reiki School + Clinic Reiki Level 3 class

Winter 2019

Monday Evening Class
Jan 14 – Dec 16, 2019
Location: Philadelphia (15th + Chestnut)
Teacher: Sharon Edelman and Laurie Elder