Reiki Level 3 Training

Reiki 3 Training

Are you comfortable giving a Reiki treatment but struggle to explain Reiki to others? Do you want to transition from treating friends and family to treating the general public? Do you want to make sure your practice is welcoming to people of different sizes, shapes, sexual orientations, ages, cultures, abilities, and mental/physical concerns? Do you find yourself stumbling over how to make Reiki accessible to people? Do you want to find words that maintain Reiki’s spirituality, mystery and heart without minimalizing or sterilizing it? You’ve come to the right place.

Level 3 adds worlds of focus, clarity, comfort and confidence to one’s practice. At this point in training it is necessary not to provide new Reiki tools, but rather to go within and fully integrate the tools we already have. Students spend time exploring both their personal relationship with Reiki and their development as a practitioner.

Winter 2019

Tuesday Evening Class
October 1st, 2019 – March 31st, 2020
Location: Philadelphia (15th & Chestnut)
Teacher: Alexandra Kurowski

This six month training includes:

    • Targeted, Focused Personal Growth using Reiki and other tools

    • Practice Start-Up/Business Development

    • Training in how to screen clients, create a treatment plan, maintain a healthy client/practitioner relationship, understand your scope of practice, and work as part of a healthcare team

    • Training in working with diverse populations in physical and mental health, and creating a public practice

    • Role playing

    • Development of your Reiki communication skills

    • Intuitive Development

    • Understanding Reiki Ethics

    • One-on-One Mentoring

    • Receive the Master Symbol

  • Requirements – Weekly homework and clinical practice hours outside of class*

*Students are required to treat themselves daily and give/receive treatments from others outside of class. Students are required to attend, giving treatments at at least 4 of the 6 scheduled clinic. If more then 2 clinics are missed, a paid makeup clinic is required to complete the course. Instructors will give more information about clinic cancellation policy during orientation and on the first day of class.

Students also have the option (and great privilege!) of completing their clinical practice at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center. At Abramson, Reiki sessions are offered to cancer patients while they receive chemotherapy/infusions, radiation/proton bean therapy, or during an inpatient stay.

Anyone interested in deepening or expanding their practice, actively volunteering in the community, or opening a professional practice will greatly benefit from this class.

  • Investment: $1500