Practitioner Resources

Practitioner Resources
Are you a Reiki practitioner?
Here you’ll find special offerings to help you maintain a credible, professional, supported, and current mainstream Reiki practice.

Reiki Shares
Reiki Shares are structured practice sessions that provide practitioners with a safe, comfortable and supportive place to give and receive Reiki.

At Reiki Shares we discuss questions about our Reiki practice, trade sessions and share stories about our Reiki journey with other practitioners.

All practitioner levels and lineages are welcome at our Reiki Shares.
Please visit our events page to find upcoming shares and to RSVP.

“Thank you for hosting the Reiki Share. It was a great blessing and I feel so much gratitude in my heart for the group. I really enjoyed the format – I was able to put my control issues aside and experience a different way of practicing. The format with the hand positions was great because it enabled us to get to every different position and give the person a full treatment. I usually do a free style Reiki Share. I actually have one at my house and will try to incorporate some of the techniques into it. Our time almost always runs over so this will be a big help. Thanks again and much love to you.” – Victoria Tibberino, Reiki Master

Practice Consulting
Meet with our one of our team of experienced Reiki masters who can help you develop your personal or professional practice. During your meeting they can provide supervision on client, student and other professional or personal issues in your Reiki journey. $125/hr
Request a Consult with a Reiki Master
Volunteer Opportunities
The Reiki School + Clinic has a longstanding tradition of community service. Currently we have thriving volunteer opportunities providing Reiki treatments for cancer patients at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center, and for the area’s neglected shelter animals through Philly Reiki For Shelter Animals.

Contact Shawn to get involved with Philly Reiki For Shelter Animals.

Contact Sharon for more information or to apply to become a volunteer at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center. Applicants must have one of the following qualifications:
–       current enrollment in (or completion of) Reiki Level 3 training at The Reiki School + Clinic
–       clinical experience as a Reiki professional
–       experience as a Reiki Master.

Reiki Practice Resources
The Reiki School + Clinic staff address many issues facing Reiki practitioners on our blog. We also highlight successful Reiki programs, interview Reiki professionals, and offer tips and insights into Reiki practice. Browse topics to find posts relevant to you.
Re-Initiations (Re-Attunements)
Re-Initiations are a great way to reconnect with your practice, renew your commitment, and receive the blessings of a teacher. This intimate ceremony can be scheduled by appointment with one of our Reiki Masters.  The initiation also includes time to discuss your practice.  1 Hour, $80
10% discount for seniors
Request a Re-Initiation
The Reiki Precepts
Our dear friend Tania Alexandra is a singer/songwriter/Reiki Master who rendered the precepts into a beautiful, catchy song. Thank you, Tania Alexandra!