Intuitive Reiki Training: The Power of Presence

Instructors: Fran Staret and Sophia Hoffer-Perkins
For Reiki Professionals and Reiki Level 2+ Grads

12 week course

Have you ever wanted to trust your intuition more?
Wanted to “go with the flow” but didn’t know how or felt nervous about where it would lead?
Want to learn to trust yourself, tune into your gut guidance and trust your Reiki practice in a session?
In this advanced enrichment course you will learn to hear your gut impulses, and how to apply those inspirations within your sessions.

As healing professionals Sophia and Fran have over two decades of intuitively integrating traditional Japanese and contemporary Western Reiki practices and other complementary healing modalities for deeply powerful and transformative healing sessions and mentorship. Mastering your Reiki practice is more than an initiation and clinicals – it’s trusting your practice while you practice. Using improvisational exercises to get out of your head and practice times to evolve beyond the basic hand positions and protocols, come cultivate that trust and relax into your own style.

We are so excited to share with you the gems of our professional development, and the power and presence of Intuitive Reiki practice:
• Through advanced intuitive techniques cultivate, trust and own your style of practice
• Gain clients who want your unique kind of practice
• In a fun and playful way get better and better at communication and interpersonal skills so you can professionally integrate, present, and communicate your intuitive based approach
• In-class clinical practice with personal practical support and hands-on body mechanic adjustments to improve and deepen posture and presence

It’s a massive 3-Month adventure where you’ll take a transformative journey that will feed your personal and professional practice:
• Get clear on the, “Am I getting a message or are these just my thoughts?” question
• Explore and expand your feelings and experiences
• Incorporate those other awesome healing modalities you know, so your sessions can be fully what you have to offer
• Do it all in-person or in distance sessions
• Rock your Reiki Life!

This class will be fun, silly, as deep as you are willing to go, and exploratory. Come on an adventure into your intuitive Reiki practice.

Investment: $1200

Instructor Bios:

Fran Staret, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Para-Psychic, Medium
Fran Staret is an internationally certified Usui and Karuna® Reiki MasterTeacher with 17 years’ personal practice and providing professional Reiki services within diverse community, organizational and corporate populations. As an integrative energy consciousness educator, shamanic healer, para-psychic and medium, Fran enjoys sharing her skills and experience to encourage and empower others in discovering and living their authentic truth, love, wisdom, power and purpose.

Sophia Hoffer-Perkins, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Massage Therapist, LMT, BA
Wise-Woman. Life-lover. Hilarity-Bringer.
Sophia brings over 25 years of healing experience to an authentic and dynamic spiritual perspective. As a proponent of self discovery, Sophia’s Reiki classes focus on developing your own personal connection to, understanding and expression of your practice. Treasuring the human experience, intuitive wisdom, and the power of lineage she holds a space where you can feel safe and empowered to learn and deepen as you go, as a beginner or an experienced teacher. Sophia is known for digging deep and laughing the whole way.