Laurie Elder


Free Intro to Reiki 1 for Artists
With Laurie Elder, Reiki Master, Mt Airy Artist and Mama
Wednesday, Aug 19, 6:00-7:00pm
Location: Healing Arts Studio, 15 Highland Ave, 2nd Floor, Chestnut Hill, PA (above Valley Green Bank)
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More details about Reiki 1 for Artists Class

A free workshop that helps answer the question “What is Reiki?” Learn about our Reiki 1 for Artists class that starts in September. Receive a free Reiki sample and learn about the natural healing practice from Japan that promotes balance and wellness.

Questions answered in our workshop include:

• What are the benefits of Reiki?
• Why would Reiki practice be helpful for me as an artist?
• What types of artists can benefit from this class?
• How do I decide if taking this class is right for me?
• Who is a typical client or student?
• What does a Reiki treatment look like and what do you do?