Healers need healing too…that’s the basis of the monthly Healer’s Jam at the Reiki School and Clinic. Another principle, and one that really defines the school is “it’s sacred, not serious.” For us, this applies to Reiki practice, healing in general and definitely gatherings of healers. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the importance of helping people heal and forget that an important aspect of health is generating happiness through community and celebration!!!

The Jam starts with a one-song dance-party where everybody moves and grooves to a fun song, for instance, Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” which started off the very first get-together. Another component of the Healer’s Jam is the ability to network with local practitioners of many modalities, to try things that are new (have you ever had an intuitive reading? I have and it was really neat!) As a healer you can choose to give, receive or both—or neither, if you just want to socialize. It’s a great opportunity to listen to what you really need, to ask for it, and to receive it.

Crossing Imaginary Boundaries

Before the Healer’s Jam, experience the live acoustic performance of Michal Waldfogel’s new track from Crossing Imaginary Lines. Michal has been releasing her new album track by track from April to December of 2012. Her June release “Inheritance” made its debut at a benefit concert for Sojourners, a Philly-based girl’s leadership camp. Michal is a yoga teacher, a baker, a traveler and a singer-songwriter. Check her out!

Don’t forget the potluck!

At this months Healer’s Jam, we feast so be sure to bring a vegetarian dish to share!

– By Nikki Roszko