Be There For Your Practice and It Will Be There For You

In an older post on spiritual practice, I explored the notion that spiritual practice is literally a way to practice skills that will show up for us when we’re off the cushion, the mat, or the treatment table. In this post I’d like to talk a little bit about the value [...]

Frans Stiene on Mainstreaming Reiki

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of speaking with Frans Stiene, a Senior Reiki Teacher who travels the world learning everything he can about the traditions and origins of Reiki and generously sharing this knowledge with others. Beginning in the early 2000s, he established himself as a resource and a [...]

Crossing Imaginary Lines – July Healer’s Jam

Healers need healing too…that’s the basis of the monthly Healer’s Jam at the Reiki School and Clinic. Another principle, and one that really defines the school is “it’s sacred, not serious.” For us, this applies to Reiki practice, healing in general and definitely gatherings of healers. It’s so easy for [...]

Taking your Reiki Practice Into a Medical Setting: Pamela Miles Visits The Reiki School and Clinic

by Nikki Rozko

On Friday at 6:30 PM at The Reiki School and Clinic, Pamela Miles, author of REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide will offer up three of her “secrets” of a medical Reiki Master.

Pamela’s well-established credibility as a resource for Reiki within medical and educational settings makes this workshop ideal for professional [...]

Tips for Winter Happiness

This month we interviewed local favs and our good buddies Ali Brody, Holistic Health Coach and Owner of Healthy Glow, and Dhyana Vitarelli, Owner of Dhyana Yoga, asking them for quick tips on how to stay happy and healthy this winter. Even though it’s unseasonably warm, the winter still effects us [...]

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    5 Ways To Remind Yourself That Reiki Practice Is Sacred Not Serious

5 Ways To Remind Yourself That Reiki Practice Is Sacred Not Serious

If you ask any elder from a deep healing tradition, they will tell you that taking things too seriously is bad for your health. As spiritual practitioners we might be interested in reaching enlightenment, or becoming a 'being of light.' I'm here to tell you that you don't get any lighter by being too serious.

My Self-Reiki Treatments are Boring: Exploring daily Reiki practice’s benefits and misgivings

Daily practice has both short and long-term, cumulative benefits that transcend what we may or may not feel in the moment. If we examine ourselves over time, over many days or weeks of daily self-practice, we will likely notice a great difference. We have to examine our approach, our hopes and our expectations, instead of merely what we feel in the moment. How can you tell if you had a good Reiki self-treatment? If you did it, I can guarantee it was good. It's a practice. It will rarely be whatever your idea is of perfect.

11th Street – the story of the 1st full time Integrated Therapist in Philadelphia’s conventional healthcare system

The story of the creation of the 1st full-time integrated therapy position in a conventional health care setting in Philadelphia. Told by 11th Street employee, and Reiki School grad Arlene McCollough

What Oprah Taught Me About Being A Good Reiki Professional

An Important Lesson learned from Oprah, applied to Reiki practice

Labor of Love

A visit to the local vacuum repair shop renewed my faith in humanity...