img_3240 The Epic Bath came about over time. As practitioners, we are consistently holding space for others. As empaths, we feel all the feelings. As intuitives, we are open to the ethers. These are wonderful gifts! There is a downside to all of the opening, holding, and feeling, which is that there are times that we, ourselves, are not clear. Without even realizing, our windsheilds get dirty, we’ve taken on too much, and within the clutter, we can’t even see ourselves.

I’ve taught energy management for many years now. Bit by bit, I would collect practices, exercises, meditations…. but when one is in the cloudiest of places, motivation is elusive. Sometimes clearing can’t be about doing a thing, tapping in, digging for more. For me, I wanted to enter a space of complete hibernation. What I learned, is that i could listen to this, and allow it to support me.

The bath becomes important because water is life and with us when we are born. Recreating the womb allows comfort and safety.