Francesca Zelnick
Philadelphia Writer

It takes a hell of a lot of courage to go for what you want in this world, to work toward your own happiness. It requires more bravery and strength and conviction than you probably think that you have. But here’s the dirty little secret: You have [...]

The Greatest Challenge of the Ungrounded Life

Alexandra DiFilippo

When I was in school, I remember being very strategic about where I would sit in class. I was young, and school was about surviving the day rather than actually learning something. Typically, I would get a spot that both gave me a view out of the window and [...]

Understanding Your Chakras

By: Alexandra DiFIlippo

How do you engage with the world?

Our modern society with its long work hours and stressful lifestyle has pushed many to seek some respite, peace, and wellness. At some point, the soul gets restless and seeks expansion and connection. This can lead an individual on a journey to be more present, take notice [...]

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    How Women’s Circles are Changing Lives, Communities, and The World

How Women’s Circles are Changing Lives, Communities, and The World

How Women’s Circles are Changing Lives, Communities, and The World
By Leigh Seeleman, Reiki Master, LMT, Shamanic Healer

Long ago, the people who bled – that’s right, menstrual blood – held a significant position of power in culture and were valued for the visionary power that the moon blood, or menstruation time [...]

Ashley Searles on Mediumship

Ashley Searles is a guest blogger writing about her experience of mediumship, and will be hosting a seminar on how Reiki brought her into the world of mediumship.

What is Mediumship?

A medium is the intermediary, the person, place or thing in between two different materials. The medium is the receiver of one [...]

Meet the New School Director- Stephanie Palmer

As the newest member of The Reiki School staff, I am unable to tell you about my years upon years of experience as a Reiki teacher and practitioner. I can’t tell you that I’ve been practicing for 10 or 20 years, nor do I have a plethora of degrees and certifications. I can [...]

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    Tending The Community Garden- Introducing Owner Alex DiFilippo

Tending The Community Garden- Introducing Owner Alex DiFilippo

From Alex-

If you have been to The Reiki School and Clinic before, you already know that it is an oasis in this city. You leave so much more than your shoes at the door — you leave your worries, your judgments, your fears and your defenses. In place of these, walking [...]

4 Tips for Teaching Reiki to Children-

-by Kimberly Fleisher

I receive a lot of emails asking for tips on how to teach Reiki to Kids. Kid’s inherently understand the practice easily. I break classes into bite size chunks with a focus on hands-on learning and practice. I also incorporate art, journaling, movement and song to make the learning process digestible, [...]

Happy 15th Birthday Reiki School!!!

It’s hard to believe that The Reiki School + Clinic is 15 years old. When I started the school, I was only 23.

This year is also an anniversary of practice for me too, meaning, as of this year I’ll have been practicing Reiki as many years as I haven’t been practicing. [...]

What Do My Dreams Mean Anyway?

Dream expert Jeremy Taylor believes that our nightly dreams are one of life’s most precious and undervalued gifts. I agree with him on both counts: I believe our dreams are full of potentially valuable insights, and yet are routinely overlooked by the vast majority of 21st-century sleepers.